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Removing peel and stick tile adhesive

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I am doing a sheet vinyl installation in a bathroom. Existing floor has peel and stick tile. I told client to leave the old tile in place since I was going over the top with new underlayment. I show up this morning and half the peel and stick tiles are off with a note that they want me to remove the rest.

The floor is so sticky my shoes stick to it and my drop cloth in the hall sticks to my shoes. My pattern paper won't come up without tearing.

I either need to remove the adhesive or remove the vinyl underneath the old peel and sticks.

Does anyone know what would remove the old peel and stick adhesive?

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pull up the old vinyl!  Some mineral spirits might take up the adhesive, but it would be a lot of work if you're going to put down new underlayment........heck, i'd just pull the rest of the stick down up and put down my underlayment and deal with the adhesive.     Grin and bear it! ;-)

When in doubt, get a bigger hammer!

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There's a low odor mastic remover available.  We've used it to remove the old adhesive left after demo'ing VCT tiles.  We swabbed it on with a damp mop, let it set about 10-15 minutes, then used either something like speedi dry or peat moss to collect any remaining pools of the stuff and disposed of properly.  It works like a charm, but be forewarned, even the low odor stuff makes some nasty fumes so have a couple fans ready for air my experience the peat moss absorbed it better and was easier to clean up.....

If you aren't one of the one's I'm talking about,you shouldn't have any complaints....

If you aren't one of the one's I'm talking about,you shouldn't have any complaints....

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Thanks for the info. I found some mastic remover at the lumberyard and tried a little and it worked well. I told the HO about your tip and she is going to clean the floor tonight. Thanks.