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Removing popcorn ceiling finish

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I need to remove part of the popcorn finish on the ceiling above our shower, to make some repairs to minor water damage (due to leakage from the tub above).  I'm wondering what techniques I should try to do this.

The finish, from when the house was built in 1976, is not the big popcorn-sized lumps of 50 years ago, but smaller bits about 1/4" in diameter.  It's covered with maybe 3 layers of latex paint.

I figure I'll try a plain old spatula-style putty knife first, but I also have a MultiMaster and figured I might try the scraper blade for that.  I have maybe 4-6 square feet that needs removing -- any suggestions?

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soften and conquer.. (post #216338, reply #1 of 2)

Classic way is water spray bottle or tank  to soften the texture and a wide joint knife to remove.  


No water. (post #216338, reply #2 of 2)

I've removed a lot of acoustic ceilings and always avoid water. It makes a terrible, heavy, sloppy mess. Tarp the floor with disposable material. Scrape the ceiling with a wide joint knife. Fold up the tarps and throw everything away. No soggy mess. If the ceiling has been painted water won't do much anyway.