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Replacing Siding, Sheathing & Insulation from exterior

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We bought a home and the exterior is in need of attention. Everything (wood siding, soffit, gutters, doors, windows, etc.) is original from 1979. I also know from doing some small projects around the house that the insulation & vapor barrier weren’t installed in the best fashion. When we decide to replace the siding, I’m contemplating removing everything down to the studs (siding, fiberboard sheathing & fiberglass batts) and replacing with new rockwool, plywood sheathing, weather barrier, and siding. Is this a feasible project to do all from the exterior? Would it be possible to replace the vapor barrier too as I know the existing one was installed poorly. I’m just wondering if anyone has done something similar before and has any insight or pointers. Thanks.

Use Alcohol-based primer as VB (post #216617, reply #1 of 3)

Yes, it is feasible to work from the outsidie in, so to speak. You will strip wall cavities of all materials. Only studs and interior drywall or plaster remains. Insulate, sheath, wrap and side. The vapor barrier can be achieved using an alcohol-based primer (Zinser B.I.N.) in at least two coats. Purdue University has the study/data you need. I have used this method successfully on my remodels. A paint-applied VB completely encases the interior in one, unlapped, unpunctured system.

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Very feasible and frequently (post #216617, reply #2 of 3)

Very feasible and frequently done. While we have the walls open we also take the opportunity to spray them with  a termiticide.  I'd suggest checking into the Zipwall system as once it's up and taped the walls are waterproof. Somewhere in the depths of the cellar here I posted a long thread on doing exactly what you're contemplating.

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Thanks for the info guys. (post #216617, reply #3 of 3)

Thanks for the info guys. Glad to hear it's not that uncommon to do.