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Replacing Subfloor in One Room Only

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My brother just bought his first house. He's rennovating the bathroom before he moves in. He completely gutted it, including removing the existing subfloor because it was in bad shape.

Our thinking regarding replacing the subfloor is that the edges of the plywood should be completely supported, with the middle being supported by the existing joists per usual.

Basically, the plan is to install blocking to create a frame around the perimeter of the room.

Question 1: How would you handle this situation? Should we even worry about the edges? Or just lay the plywood the existing joists and be done with it? Is the blocking overkill?

Question 2: Provided we're not out of our minds about the permiter blocking, how would you install the blocks? My brother's initial thought was joist hangers, but he quickly realized that running joist hangers back-to-back will result in a nailing problem (nails hitting each other). Should we toe nail them? Use the joist hangers, offset every other one, and face nail a second block (or two) to make a straight line of blocks? Something else?

Thanks for the help. Here's a picture for reference.

If it were my job.... (post #215109, reply #1 of 2)

I'd use flat blocking. No need for it to be the full depth of the joist as you show. I'd let the blocking extend under the existing subfloor. Face nail one end. Toe nail the other.  (Toe nail through the joist and into the block.) Then nail down throught the existing bottom plate into the part of the block that extends under it. Then the new subfloor. 2x6 blocking should do this fine. This way you won't compromise the floor diaphram.

m (post #215109, reply #2 of 2)

I'd do the same as described above.  Joist hangers are waste of money and time in this application.  If not adept with toenailing, use structural screws to the same end (not drywall screws).

Glue and screw the subfloor to the joists and blocking.

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