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Rim Board Headers - question from Issue 264

SandwichTech's picture

So I often go back to the "Right Header" article from FHB264.  I am trying to understand the section on rim board headers and there seems to be an inconsistency.  The description says "The number of outer studs framing each end of the rough opening must at least equal half the studs displaced by the opening".  The diagram seems to show a 6' opening with both kings falling on the 2' pattern.  This means 2 studs are displaced - which are taken care of with one full height jack on each side.  All good.  Now the picture above, where they are actually framing the ProHome, appears to be an 8' RO with neither of the kings on the stud pattern and displacing 4 studs.  I would think since the kings are "extra" that would count for 2 displaced studs, so they need one more full height jack on each side.  There are none.  Am I misunderstanding the rule?  

This is the article: