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Rise deck height near door

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My new deck framing is done and tomorrow deck boards will be installed. I wanted deck to be 7" below the door so the deck furniture doesn't block the low windows in our family room as they are the only source of natural light into the house. What I didn't pay attention to is the door frame is quite thick with 7" wide aluminim trim with ridges on the bottom. So, to get to deck you have to step over 7" aluminim trim and then there is 7" drop. I completely messed up and unfortunately the contractor didn't notice the details near my door.  

Now, I am trying to fix this by rising deck surface along the width of the door by around 5". Rest of the deck can be over the joists. So, what is the best possible way to rise joist height in about 8' X 8' section close to the door? If it's allowed I don't mind putting another base framing across the current one. Hope there is solution without having to put new footings.

Some pictures to give idea of the door and the current framing.




Do be wary of creating a (post #216054, reply #1 of 4)

Do be wary of creating a hazard where someone walking out is not aware of the step.  At the very least use a contrasting material on the "nose" of the step down.

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Simple method: Apply deck (post #216054, reply #2 of 4)

Simple method:

Apply deck boards to exising structure, build a box at the correct height, Screw it down to the deck boards.

Consider putting a step on the inside as well.

Make a step at the door. (post #216054, reply #3 of 4)

Make a step at the door. Frame it so that the frame is half the difference minus the height of one deck board. I'd probably make it 14" wide as well.

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Deck height (post #216054, reply #4 of 4)


Install the deck surface on the deck first, then frame a new step-up  that is the depth of the "recess area" and extends from the kitchen door to the opposite wall and is the same step height from "Kitchen to new deck" and from "new deck to existing deck" now your "step-down" will be "sensible"  when walking either in or out and give room for people "meeting" each other at the doorway a place to "back up" from people exiting the kithchen with ease and safety.

Good Luck