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Roll Screen "repair"

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Can someone advise me on service/repair of Pella "roll screen" windows?

I'm in a brick ranch built in 1960 with Pella wood casements.   The screens work, but rather rough when rolling them up or down.  I'd like to get inside the mechanism and clean/lube if necessary.  There is a "box" at the top of each window (metal) and i suspect the roll mechanism is in there somewhere, but I don't see any easy access. The side tracks are straight and in good shape.


Please don't tell me I have to remove the trim, etc. (OK tell me!)


Any/all replies appreciated.



Most of the problems with the roll screen I've encountered...... (post #205238, reply #1 of 1)

were because of paint slopped up in the screen track.

If you can scrape that off, good.  Then use some spray lithium (with the straw) all along inside that track-draw the screen down and up and relube there.

What's collected on the screen edge will be carried back up into (wherever it goes) and you'll do just a bout all you can do - short of opening it up entirely and ....................

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