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roof over sliding door

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My wife's grandfather wants me to build a small gabled roof over his sliding door.  I was wondering if anybody had any good design ideas.  This house is a re - muddled "contraption" that some hacks have worked on in the past (myself included, remodeled their kitchen, 1st job on my own)  I want something that doesn't look slapped together, but it can't be too ornate.  It's a simple home, used to be A-frame, now a low pitched gable.  Obviously this small roof is not on the gable side.  Has ship lapped siding & the slider is approx. 6ft. long.  Will be using 4 x 4's for angle braces.  Would appreciate any good design ideas, couldn't find aany in the photo gallery.  Been looking at a few around my area, but most look like cheesy afterthoughts that stick out like a sore thumb.  Any rules for proper poportions.  As always, I appreciate everyone's input. 

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The "proper" way to do it is to build a fake dormer of sorts over the door, with the slope of the dormer roof roughly matching the slope of the main roof.

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