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self leveling compound installation questions

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self leveling compound installation questions (post #215641)

I'm remodeling a small 48 sq ft bathroom and need to level the plywood subfloor so the shower base sits firmly and level. I've read that metal lath is required on most plywood subfloors for self leveling compound (SLC) to be poured. The most out of level spot is ~1/4".  I have several questions:

1.  A remodeler acquaintence said he never used lathe. Is metal lathe an absolute necessity for SLC on this small of a bathroom?

2. What's a typical dam/barrier look like? Is cardboard and duct tape enough or does something (what) more substantial need to be done? Is an entryway treated any different?


Refer to manufacturer's (post #215641, reply #1 of 2)

Refer to manufacturer's instructions regarding lath reinforcement (I have done it without but that doesnt mean it's correct). Regarding daming for SLC: the quickest easiest thing I've seen is just to squirt some expanding foam insulation (Great Stuff) down it dries quickly and will hold back the leveling just fine

metal lath not needed for 1/4" pour (post #215641, reply #2 of 2)

Metal lath is not needed for 1/4" of SLC leveling! In fact, I don't use metal lath for SLC pours. For thicker stuff, yes, but then I don't use SLC. Get it? 
I like to use 1x or 2x material for a temp dam when pouring SLC. As always, you don't want to allow SLC to crack and/or break out. So...the pour will typically be held in place by walls/partitions. In open spaces (door way etc). you will have to make sure the (cured) SLC is contained by adjoining flooring.  In some instances I will use figerglass mesh to provide crack-free continuity for the SLC. 

Mel Fros