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semi gloss paint imperfections

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so I decided to try semi gloss on my new house. I noticed after the first coat of flat primer, I had imperfections in my living room vertical joints. I applied another coat of plaster and sanded it down over the coat of primer. then I applied a coat of semi gloss in hopes of acting like a primer. However after two coats of semi gloss the joint still shows like in the picture. Have you run into this? How would you fix it? Thanks 

picture shows bad joint not shining in the light on the right wall 

Ross (post #214657, reply #1 of 3)

If it's the vertical above the scaffold......

take a 4' straight edge and move it around that area to get an idea of how big of hump you have.  You'll need to flatten that, widen the  transition to eliminate the shadow.

and then prime that patch befor proceeding with the top coat.


edit: sorry, missed the right wall.

If you don't prep fresh board and subsequent patching, these ghosts will appear.

for uniformity, the same processes need to be done especially in other than flat or near flat finishes.

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It takes a really wide joint (post #214657, reply #2 of 3)

It takes a really wide joint to get rid of the pooch in butt jonts. You've got a worse case senario there with the semi-gloss and light coming in the window. Even the pros usually leave joints like that. There are several solutions but that pinch the butt joints but  they have to be done as you're hanging. It's really hard to hide imperfections with semi-gloss.

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Dont use semi gloss on walls. (post #214657, reply #3 of 3)

Dont use semi gloss on walls. Every lump and bump will show up forever and always