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I'm new to ship lap.  I'm using 1x8 boards overlapped by rabbets set with a "nickel" gap between. I've seen different ways of doing it and this question may result in many different answers but....

1) Start at ceiling or floor?

2) Removing the crown molding at the ceiling is a given but what about the 1x baseboard? Should it be removed and run ship lap from ceiling to floor completely?

3) Trim boards? Inside corners? Outside corners? 


Thanks for your help.

Assuming you're installing (post #215524, reply #1 of 4)

Assuming you're installing the boards horizontally, it's a heck of a lot easier if you start from the bottom.

Trim is your call.

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Bottom up definitely makes sense so you aren't working against gravity but was thinking have a full board width at top and the trimmed one at floor might look better than full at bottom and trimmed at ceiling (assuming that trimming would be needed)

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You should be able to come close to a planned layout regarding the location of your board seams.  Make up a story board of all the seams in your run of siding from base to crown and pick your poison.  Remember too that any seam that wavers near the base or crown will look bad.  Separate those seams as far as you can from the base and crown.

figure the most pleasing look for your trims b/4 you start.  What are you using for the base? And how will corner trim if used interact with with it and the crown.


Too often main elements are nailed on a job with no idea how the small ones fit in.  The result is another hunk of wood layered over another to try and cover gaps that could have been avoided in the first place.  Less (trim) is better........

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