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Shower Curtain rod?

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I have a tub/shower where one end wall is a full 8 foot high sand teh other end wall is only 5 and half feet tall.  From the top of the 5 1/2 foot wall teh ceiling extends at a slope over the tub to a full 8 feet.  Teh problem is that a shower curtain rod has to be about 3 1/2 feet long, extending from teh 8 foot tall wall to the sloped part of the ceiling.  Does anyone know of a shower curtain rod system to install in this applicstion?


The problem is how are you (post #215832, reply #1 of 6)

The problem is how are you going to cover the extra foot and 1/2 (assuming you have a 5 foot tub)?


As far as attaching to the sloped cieling, you can easily attach a small block that is plumb on its face but angled on the back where it meets the roof line.  Wood coated with a high quality paint shouldn't cause any problems but you could glue up some PVC boards if you are worried about the wood in close proximity to the water. Screw the block to the cieling and then the rod holder to the block.

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I am building my own home with my own design and always knew I had a issue with this design.  I always knew I could build some custom wood rod system, just was not sure if there was an on-the-market solution.  Actually I found one.  It only comes in chrome, which I am not too worried about, but am wondering about other solutions.

As for your question about "cover(ing) the extra foot and 1/2, I always figured that portion of the curtain would be fixed and not to be opened.  I beleive this is exactly what the propduct available for purchased is designed to do.

If I were to go your route I guess I would cut a rod down to length and then attach it to your block idea.  Then I wonder if I would just place some hooks of some kind (?????) in the slope ceiling on which to hang the fixed portion of the curtain.  Or I could figure out how to build and hang a sloped rod and use normal shower curtain loops or hooks to hang the curtain on the rod, thus having two lenghts of rod..

of course it is possible, but what is the best solution?  The on the market kit is about $200.  Might be the cleanest option.  Still wondering if there are other systems out there.

Thanks for indulging me in throwing this question out there.  There is nothing new under the sun so I am sure people on this board have seen a thing or two.  Of course it looks like only about four people visit here anymore, too bad.


Why not just get a decently (post #215832, reply #3 of 6)

Why not just get a decently stiff metal rod, hack off one end at an angle, and then drive screws through the bottom of the beveled end to secure it?

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Thanks Dan (post #215832, reply #4 of 6)

Ya, just hack it off and run some screws through it.  Sure.  Seems like if I did that I would think i was living in the Taj mahal..  No I am not trying to show other people up, just keep it simple.  Thats for trying.

On a side note, it would be very interesting to tour your home.


Google Swivel Shower Support (post #215832, reply #5 of 6)

Google Swivel Shower Support 5/8" Ceiling Flange. There are others. as well. or angle shower rod flange. $30 will take you all the way. The problem with the 1.5 ft piece is that its going to bunch up on the shortest side. I think you are going to have to find a seamstress and have her alter the shower curtain to match the angle so the bottom of the curtain hangs level across the bottom. A decent mens suit store or wedding dress store can turn on to a seamstress. or hit up a custom curtain store in your area. Our local one does custom curtains, blinds and upholstry.A custom curtain shop will like be able to help you with the rod and attaching it to the sloped ceiling and I cant imagine they would be much more than $200 to do teh whole thing but maybe Im nuts.

Alterations (post #215832, reply #6 of 6)

I will google teh swivel shower Support.  As for altering the curtain itself, I am not worried abotu that.  I can do that easily.  Thanks