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Showerhead trim help!

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Need some suggestions here.  Contractor just finished shower and the overhead shower hole was put on an angle so my trim piece won't work.  It might be hard to see in this pic but trust me it won't work.  Does anyone have any suggestions on a solution to cover the hole?  My only thought so far is to grind down the trim piece but I'm hoping for other ideas before I start grinding.




Put a hole in a piece of (post #215452, reply #1 of 2)

Put a hole in a piece of stainless sheet and bend it appropriately.  Then find a rubber gasket to seal around the hole.

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That's really sloppy work (post #215452, reply #2 of 2)

That's really sloppy work that should have been caught before the tile was installed. I'd call the contractor and demand it be redone properly. Failing that I'd get a matching trim ring and very carefully cut them both so they they fit together and provide a clean look.

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