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Can anyone shed some light on the use of gutters on a house built on a slab foundation.  I've always heard you should use them to get water away from the house.  My house has good grading so water does not stand anywhere.  So, are gutters needed for a slab foundation? 

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Yes; you also need to be concerned with moisture saturating the soil.

On a 30x40' house, 840 gals per 1" of rain comes off the roof.

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Will it affect the foundation such as settling?  I have about a 3:12 grade going away from the house.  I don't have any puddles standing after a 1-2" rain.

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this is my gutter system, water comes off the roof hits the concrete and drain into yard

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You like mud puddles?

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I hate gutters, and wouldn't use them unless I was forced.  But, then, I live in snow country.

I am in favor of large roof overhangs, with trench drains under the drip lines. 

Dig 12" deep trenches, for perforated plastic drain tile.  Dig so you can pitch the tile and take its low end somewhere you want the water to go, like to daylight or to a dry sink.

Place gravel in the bottom, just a little, then lay in the socked tile.  "Socked" means wrapped in a filter fabric.  Cover with more gravel, almost up to grade, then cover the top at finished grade with washed landscape gravel, golf-ball sized.

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