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Spacing OSB wall sheathing--How to?...

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Hello.  I'm new to these forums.

What's the best way to space 7/16" OSB panels that are being installed as exterior sheathing on walls?

I've done a few searches which referenced posts that speak of using clips or 10d nails as spacers.  But the posts aren't very specific.

Using nails sounds like it might help install the panels.  Is this a good method?

Do you remove nails that are used for spacing once the OSB panels are installed?  I presume that you must or they would prevent expansion.

Thanks in advance for any advice.


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Nails are good, just pull them out. And relax don't stress about it!!! Your like me. I'll wake up at 2am to try and solve something.

Good luck pal,


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Just tack the nail in a half-inch or so. It'll pull out easily. Even if you leave it in, the edge of the sheating will compress against the nail -- it won't prevent expansion.

And don't sweat it so much. Mostly the sheathing and framing will expand together. You're just compensating for the dry sheathing/wet framing possibility.

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