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Stair tread question

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Stair tread question (post #215683)

First post here, so bear with me,  recently purchased a 40yr old home in southern ontario and what I assume will be the first of many projects ill need help with, tackling my bsmt stairs.

I'm recovering them with the engineered hardwood that I did the bsmt with, but my stair treads are cuppod and bowed. The bowed ones I planed flat, only a sixteenth I figure, bottom one is cupped the worst, about an eigth, too much Imo to not do anything about,  I'm concerned that the flex will damage the custom nosing that I've made by 45ing and gluing two pieces of the 14mm offshore engineered hardwood 

Couple options here, remove the 1-1/2 inch wood tread, flip it and plane it down, or replace with either new hardwood or two 3/4 ply glued and screwed together, doesn't have to look pretty, just be strong. Or could load up the voids with some shims and/or pl premium. 

My stairs are the style that tread and risers are inserted into grooves from rear and risers have wedges holding them in place, not sure what this style is called but doesn't seem to be very popular.

Side note here, not sure if it's relevant,  but plywood up here is the type with voids in it, not the quality stuff from 30-40 yrs ago, 


Appreciate any advice given

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You might consider applying floor leveling compound to the cupped treads, though extra steps would be needed to keep it from cracking loose.

And bear in mind that you don't want the steps to have an uneven rise -- I forget the "standard', but I think about 3/8" difference is near the max, save for the first/last steps.

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