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Standard cc66 column cap sitting on ACR PTT - without vycor or wrap, CORROSION CITY? Or ok?

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Talk me off the ledge here. 

I realized it would have been better if my CC66 column cap was the HDG kind, but since this will be a covered deck and its still a lot of thickness my friends are telling me i should be ok. Im just worried because i have read that this ACQ type D .40 pressure treated wood can be more corrosive than i had considered when i first was building and spec-ing this deck.  

Short of taking the beam down, is there any way i can further weatherize and protect the metal column cap and the PTT 6x6 posts from reacting.  I was thinking about getting the galvi column cap and replacing, losing a day or two in the process, but i am being told it ahould be fine.  Im seattle weather so maybe some wetness from horizontal rain but this should mainly be covered with rainescape membrane.

i was thinking about bending open the cap a little and putting in some tar paper or felt or somehing or sprayng something.  Any thoughts?  I was just in the mondset of making a super long lasting deck and am feeling the burn of not perfectly chosen materials.  Thanks