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STINKIN MASTIK ! (post #215803)

My husband and I pulled out the carpet in our 1912 dining room.    Although not original to the house, it was still really gross!  Underneath the carpet, we found the doorway to hell.  LOL !  Not really.  Well, maybe...Underneath the carpet was the old original 12"X12" linoleum which was in pretty bad shape and underneath those linoleum tiles was this black sticky stuff.  So we bought the wood (Ironply) for a new subfloor so the new tile would have a nice smooth surface to be laid on.  My husband screwed the 4 by 8 sheets down with screws.  A LOT of screws - following the pattern on the...Ironply sheets.  Well, I guess he/we thought that the crunching noise we were hearing when we walked on the floor would just magically disappear so he/we continued to add enough screws to screw down New York City, and still the floor crunches.  Just in different places.   So we burned the house down.  LOL !  Not really.  Well, maybe...

I'm in the process of searching for solutions to this sticky problem and I'm thinking that we should probably remove the screws in one sheet at a time and place some type of barrier between the STINKIN MASTIK and the
Ironply.  Hopefully without having to put the same number of screws back in each sheet.  I think that we should patch the screw holes with something that gets hard enough to walk on without breaking as well.

I'd like to know if anyone has run into this conundrum, and has a wonderfully simple solution to share with me and take us both out of our misery.  PLEASE.

Just to cheer you up a (post #215803, reply #1 of 3)

Just to cheer you up a little, understand that that mastic is likely loaded with asbestos.

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I was hoping to get through (post #215803, reply #2 of 3)

I was hoping to get through this without adding that particular piece of information.  We learned that after the fact.  You're not cheering me up Dan.  Any other helpful information I hope?  :)

To me your options are to (post #215803, reply #3 of 3)

To me your options are to take up the subfloor and replace it or get another good ahesive and glue down the iron ply.  I would suggest you make certain that you cover every square inch of the back of the iron ply.  If you pick option B you are forever sentencing the next guy down the line into option A.