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Stucco "bands"

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We have just redone the front of our house, and our contractor has finished the stucco.  There are what is called stucco "bands" around the windows and a big stucco "band" across the house between the 1st and 2nd story of the house.  These are smooth and the rest of the house is stucco texture.  The final coat of texture that the stucco guy put on, is kind of white in color and the stucco bands did not get this final coat.  I believe he used what is referred to as "one coat" stucco.  By the way, we live in Florida and we paint the stucco, so the color doesn't matter.   I am just describing it, to tell you that I know that the stucco bands did not get this final coat. 

My question is, does this seem correct?  Shouldn't the stucco bands get a final skim coat also?  The reason I am asking, is that they are not as smooth as I had imagined they would be, and also there is a mistake or blob of stucco on one of the bands that he will come back and "fix" somehow.  I am wondering how it can be fixed.. or if a final smooth skim coat should be done on the stucco bands.

Thank for any advice.  I appreciate it.



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Have you asked the contractor? What was his answer? He's in a far better position to explain how and why he did as he did than we are, sitting here without pix or anything.

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While I do like my contractor, he is sort of full of poo-poo at times, so I thought I would get the advice of this board and then would have some info when discussing this with him....  I asked him if it should have a second coat, and he said no, it is supposed to be like that.  (Which is his answer most of the time....)  So, that is why I am looking for advice here.


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Then pix would help, be/c from the description I can't tell if anything's appropriate or inappropriate. Maybe it's the way I'm reading it, or maybe it's just ambiguous. Pix would help. Is that possible?

And any info on what was agreed to up front would was the work described? What was the common understanding on the job? Was there a contract?

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There is a contract which states that stucco bands will be installed around the windows and also across the front of the house.  It does not specify the exact steps he would take to install the stucco bands.  Just that they would be "properly done."  I am not trying to nail the guy on this, I am just trying to figure out if there is a way to make them smoother.... or if he missed the final coat and I can put on the final coat.  I am just wondering if they can be smoother, or if that is impossible and I have to live with them a little rough.  I have photos but do not know how to post them here.  I can e-mail you them as an attachment.  Send an e-mail to me with your e-mail address and I'll send you a couple photos. (my e-mail is:

Thanks for your help. 


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Just click the Attach Files button when you create a post and follow the directions...

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If the contract reads as you state, then I would have assumed that all the stucco would have the same finish.  Tell him you don't like two different textures, and that it needs to all match.



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