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synthetic stucco over plywood

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Does anyone know of or have any experience with a synthetic stucco type coating that can go directly over plywood? I am somewhat familiar with Grailcoat,(been to their website)but would be interested in any other products and comments.



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Check out or 800-358-4785.  Their installation manual says (paraphrased): Teifs shall be applied to the following Substrates...min 1/2" 4-ply APA exposure 1 grade c-d or better plywood with the better side in contact with the teifs adhesive.


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I used some called Comproco, I think it was, thirteen years ago. That stuff wears well, It's still on the handles of my trowels and floats!


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I use a product called ISO-TEX, manufactured by a company called MF Paints, in Laval, Quebec. I don't have the phone number or web site handy off-hand.

First time I used it I went straight on over new plywood, as directed, in a new house. First winter, it peeled in large areas and I had a rare call back in the spring. We scraped the peeled areas and then put on an alkyd primer made by the same company, then re-applied. No problem since then on that house.

Now that I've learned the hard way, I always prime the plywood and I get excellent results.

This product is just barely thick enough to be applied with a float, if you like; contrarily it's also just barely thin enough to be applied with a roller. I find the float method faster, plus I've got more control of the finished texture. But wear a coverall and a hat!!

I'll try to find contact info for you for the manufacturer and will re-post if I do.



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