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Three Season Porch Interior Finish - Corners

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This is a follow-up to another post I just made about installing 6" v-groove pine in a three season porch.  The pine is being installed vertically.  I am wondering how to handle the corners where two boards will butt up against one another.  I could just leave the butt joint but I don't know if that will look very good.  I could use a piece of molding to cover the joint but I'd really like to avoid that.   What about mitering the corner boards?

Any suggestions?



George (post #214859, reply #1 of 1)

Theres no need to start another thread.  Keeping everything on the same general topic in one place is a good idea.

Butt joints are the way to go, mitred corners will open up as easy as butts with seasonal changes.  Acclimating the material and checking the moisture content b/4 install will help keep the change small.  If you can work the corner in, butting the corner with glue and screws from the backside should hold it tight forever.


Figure your usual line of sight.  Place the first corner board so the second will cover it and only some anal person will see the slight gap from shrinkage.


Make up a small double beveled trim and put that over the corner.  It can be minimal. Maybe showing 1/2 to 3/4" angled flat in that corner.


Earlier you mention painting the wood.  If you do, don't forget to pre-paint the tongues and groove edges as any shrinkage will show no paint later.

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