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Traditional light frame construction vs steel paneled or stud frame construction

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 Hello all,

This is a question on  residential framing construction of a 3700 single level home.


If you had the choice what are the pros and cons of building a metal stud framed home versus a 2x6 framed home. I would like to ask for comments on the pros cons of building a home in these two methods with a small crew. A steel frame home to me seems more labor intensive and in Arizona is going to be like working in a frying pan. How about code issues, tools ...again I’m biased toward wanting to stick with traditional framing I’m tooled up for this work as well.  any thoughts? I realize this is an extremely generalized open question but stills I’d love to hear the comments for consideration.



I'd love a steel framed (post #216208, reply #1 of 1)

I'd love a steel framed house. Here in south Florida we can spend days installing hangers and hurricane clips oon wood framed houses. Since steel framed houses are all screwed together the clips are eliminated. Everything is perfectly flat and straight and the final structure is very rigid.  However, unless you  have experience with steel framing it will take 2 or 3 times as long to frame. It requires different tools and different techniques. Once it's done you'll need a lot of deadwood and interior trim is a whole new story.

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