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Use treated wood for trellis in Denver area?

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I live in the Pacific NW, where I build anything outdoors with treated wood. I am doing an outdoor trellis in the Denver area (Loveland); the climate there is quite arid and am wondering whether treated wood is commonly used over there for that? If I were to use treated, the reddish/brownish tone of the wood would be acceptable as a long term finish color; if using regular lumber, I would probably need to stain it, knowing it'd need restaining every few years due to the harsh sun exposure. I'd like to avoid this type of maintenance.

Any thoughts from folks familiar with that area?

Redwood is commonly available (post #207312, reply #1 of 4)

Redwood is commonly available in Denver so Id use that. You may have to trim off the white sap wood or you can by conheart redwood and build your trellis from that.

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Treated wood (post #207312, reply #2 of 4)

I don''t know how treated wood in the Northwest holds up, but my experience in the Southwest has not been good.  It does resist decay and insects, but other than that not so good.

You didn't say what species of treated wood you are planning to use, but in my area the norm is yellow pine. Our low humidity and hot sun leaves it checked, split and warped.  In time, it turns gray like most unfininished lumber when exposed to the elements. 

Redwood and western red cedar are commonly used for similar outdoor projects.

Treated Wood (post #207312, reply #3 of 4)

If you do choose to use Pressure Treated wood, make sure that you chose fasteners that are ACQ compatible.  Check our site for a good selection of lags and screws that will fit the bill.

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Like the other posters said (post #207312, reply #4 of 4)

Like the other posters said good redwood is better. They gave good advice, both about the ACQ checking, cracking, warping as well as the fasteners. 

I use GRKs or hot dipped galvanized nails. 

Redwood will be more expensive. Make sure that your any metal hangers are for treated wood (e.g. Simpson hangers say Zmax).