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Vinyl basement window installation

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Can anyone direct me to a manufacturer of vinyl replacement windows that offers a window which opens outward like an awning to 90 degrees (in other words, horizontal and parallel to the ground in its max open position) with the pivot point at the top of the window? I've searched the Internet and haven't found anyone who makes such a type of basement window. Also where can I get good instructions on installing this window into a basement cinder block wall after removing the old aluminum window (so in other words this is a replacement window)? Thanks!

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I've done basement windows 2 ways, but there are other methods. You can frame the opening with treated 2X4s, which will give you an easy surface to anchor the unit. Or you can anchor directly into the concrete using tapcons. With either method, measure you're RO, check for square and deduct 1/4 inch for your window size. As far as finding a vinyl awning window, most vinyl window manufactures make them.

Good luck.