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vinyl over existing siding vs. tear-off

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I am going to install vinyl siding on my fathers house and I need some feedback on whether to install vinyl over existing masonite siding, or do a complete tear-off, wrap w/ tyvek and install.  The thought of installing over masonite does'nt seem wise since water seems to be a problem with vinyl.  Not exactly sure what to do around windows and doors either , as  far j-channel goes, if I leave the existing siding. Should I wrap the masonite with Tyvek and roll, or do a complete tear-off which seems more logical to me. Appreciate any help! Any manuf. reps out there?


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I would tear off the Masonite. You could go over it with Tyvek and fanfold insulation but it would be out too far around your windows to look good. I would still put Tyvek on after I took off the Masonite.