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wall and window vibrate when new heavier front door is closed

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When a new , heavier front door was installed the wall and window now vibrate.  I Took off the drywall from the door to the window (about 4').  The framing looks adequate, from the little I know.  It is single story, has single sole plate, double top plate, king and jack studs and headers for door and window.  There is a diagonal board from the corner of the door frame down to the sole plate (about to the middle of the window) in the exposed area.  I added connectors to the sole plate to the cement foundation and added screws to reinforce all of the structure, including into the rafters.  Didn't make any difference.  The door casing is attached securly on the right, hinged side (away from the window).  The handle side just has about 3 screws with no shims leaving a space except where the lock engages and that has shims. The wall extends about 8' from the window, and about 3' from the door to the ajoining corners.  It is almost impossible to close the door without shaking the wall. Closing the door too hard is not the problem.  I would appreciate your help. Thanks JED

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Add either another stud or a rip of 3/4 ply to the latch side king stud, bottom to top plate.  Fasten the [JOBSITE WORD] out of it.  Make sure the connections to the plates are real secure.

Try the door.

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Hi there, I have seen very flimsy walls before.  Usually the cause it too many remodels moving and adding openings has left the wall frame hacked apart and scabbed together.  With the wall open, I would see how many studs in the wall actually make it from the bottom to the top plate in one piece.  It is amazing how often you see studs lopped off half way, sistered to another that is just a half, former window sills that cut 3 studs off, etc.  Like Calvin suggested... try to get some extra full length studs in there where you can to add some stiffness to the system.

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  The wall that I exposed seems to be uncompromised by any changes and appears to be well built.  I will try adding by the door as suggested.  Thanks to both of you who responded. JED

Like many front walls it's (post #214614, reply #5 of 5)

Like many front walls it's probably a lot of door and windows which reduces the amount to framing you can hae. I'd add as much framing, within limits, as possible between the door and window and maybe even foam what's left.

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