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weather seal on sliding barn door

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Question I haven't been able to find an answer to:

I'm drawing up plans for a barn/shop to be built late summer this year, and I would like to put a sliding barn-style door on it instead of an overhead door.  I can install an insulated overhead easily enough, and seal it so it will be reasonably critter-proof and weather-proof, but I have no idea how to seal up a slider to the same or better level of tightness.  I want to make sure that mice and snakes stay out, and that the inside space can be heated without the door assembly being a giant radiator to the outside.

So how does one go about doing such a thing?  FWIW, I'll most likely build the door itself from scratch, some kind of sandwich/torsion panel type construction.  The hanging and sliding hardware is easy enough to find. 

Web sites and/or other sources of information would be very helpful too.


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Jon, talk to these guys:

They sell the same barn door hardware you can get at MSC and Grainger, but they have more stuff and pretty good customer service.  I think they have some sort of cam-lock bolt that will pull a sliding door against the jamb.



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here's a place to start...

go to the search function in the upper left hand corner and type in barn door and you'll get 210 hits....

sliding barn door will get ya 37...

sealing sliding barn door is good fer 31...

you could modify all of what you type in and bury yurself in information

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