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Weather stripping for exterior door, supplier

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I am going to have to make new door jams for my French door. The weather stripping now is one which goes into a saw kerf.

Where can I find that type of weather stripping? or what do you recommend. I am going to use a 1x6 and a 1x4 and nail them together with the kerf where the two meet.  I tried to find pre-made jams but they only have them for 4 inch walls and for 32" doors. 

I once found some (post #207449, reply #1 of 2)

I once found some weatherstripping like that at Menards.  But it's been maybe 10-15 years.

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John, (post #207449, reply #2 of 2)

again, a good hardware supply should have what you're looking for.

If a compression WS-with the vinyl barb that slips into a groove where the rabbited door jamb "stop' is located-Go to someone that handles Masonite/Stanley or ThermaTru doors-they have it for sale as a replacement.

or look here:

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