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Which framing nails?

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I need some help...
  1. Which gauge size nails to get for 2x4 framing? I see gauge numbers from 8 to 11.
  2. For nailing studs from the the side of sole or top plate two 16d nails are used, correct?
  3. For toe nailing studs to the sole or top plate four 8d nails are used, correct?
  4. How close from the edge of 2x4 should I drive the nails in?

I spent hours reading online about this subject. :-(

Thank you!

Framing nails. (post #215934, reply #1 of 1)

You are not going to see a lot of gauges of framing nails. Common vs box nails used to be the specification, but I have never used either in 45 years of framing. When I started cc sinkers (cement coated) were the norm. for hand nailing. Gun nailing was brand new. I'm not sure exactly when, but sinkers became vinyl coated. The first gun nails were equivalent to sinkers. 

For face nailing through the plate into studs use 2 16d nails. FHA codes used to require toe nailing with 8d nails so the inspector could see them. Common practice was to face nail one 16d before standing up the wall then toe nail. Those days are long gone. When I need to toe nail studs I use 3 16d gun nails. There is no point in changing nails or guns during framing. Everything will be nailed with 16ds. Toe nail 2 nails on one side of the stud about 1" in. On the other side 1 nail in the middle. 

When you nail the second top plate to the first line up the nails with the studs. This has little to do with framing and a lot to do with keeping plumbers and electricians happy. They don't want to hit nails when they drill the top plate.