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window install v. furring strips

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i'm having trouble working out the best way to install marvins' double hung sash windows to my walls. i have been recommended to put 3/8" furring strips on top of the plywood, i think this is a good idea. but should i install the windows on the plywood sheathing or the furring strips?

appreciate any help!

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eddie... i don't know what you are describing...

is your wall thinner than the normal ?.. why does the Marvin need a 3/8" shim ?

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Are you installing a rain screen on the exterior wall between the sheathing and the siding? Assuming a rainscreen detail:

One thing to consider...if the window comes trimmed out, that may dictate what you have to do. If the thickness of the trim can't absorb the 3/8ths furring and the thickness of the siding and still give you a good reveal, then you'll have to furr the windows out as well. Or you can backband the "too thin" marvin trim to beef it up a bit...though that sometimes creates problems of its own.

If you'll be installing the window trim on your own, you can mount the windows right to the sheathing and just install a thicker trim.

Watch the flashing details around the windows if you do furr them out.