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wood finish

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Anybody out there found a better product than Sikkens "Door and Window" for clear coating interior wood that will have a lot of UV exposure due to its being in a glass house? Apparently Sikkens has changed their formula since we last used it and it darkens the wood too much.


well there are so many you (post #215283, reply #1 of 2)

well there are so many you can google it, but it depends which type of material is best according to your requirement

Regular maintenance (post #215283, reply #2 of 2)

My experience with Sikkens is limited to its outdoor products, with UV/UA inhibitors. The presence of these inhibitors naturally darkens the finished appearance. Check Cabott products for exterior wood, and you will see that they too render a deep, rich, color. For interior applications in sun-drenched conditions, I suggest a "regular stain" followed by a clear finish with UV/UA inhibitors. And, more importantly, you need to maintain the finish regularly. There is no way to mitigate the harm done by good ol' brother sun. :)

Here's something to consider: Stain interior trim, but use matching paint for window SASHES (only). Paint that part of the window most suseptible to UV/UA and condensation damage, and stain the rest. If you do a careful matching of colors, the two products will complement each other well. Painted wood is, in my experience, easier to maintain than stained woodwork.

Mel Fros