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woodpecker holes in trim

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Whats an easy way to repair woodpecker holes on 1x4 trim board on exterior of house, wood filler?

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I did it once with a pair of hole saws. I can't remember the combo, so if you don't own a large selection, find someone who does, and make some test cuts before you buy.

Let's say you've just drilled out the torn-up spot with a 1 3/8" HS.

Now you need a 1/38" plug. The waste plug from a 1 5/8" HS would be just about right, but I'm just guessing -- play around.

Most saws jump up in 1/8" increments, so look for a range of saws that has 1/16" increments to get more options.

To cut the plugs, first bore a hole in a scrap with your plug-cutting saw, whatever size you end up with.

Then remove the arbor, and, using the scrap as a guide, drill a plug that has no center hole. Either screw the scrap to your plug stock, or stand on them to keep it from moving.

You definitely want to invest in a plug-ejecting mandrel! You'll never regret it, anyway, for all HS use.

I was working on RS cedar siding, so my materials were forgiving: I pre-stained my plugs dark, glued them in with construction adhesive, then made a couple of swirls around the patches with the dark stain to make them look like knots.

It was fast, and looked like a million bucks!


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A new 1x4 is probably cheaper than wood filler and definitely cheaper than a set of hole saws.


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You're possibly right, for one 1x4.

In my case, I had a whole house sided with 1x8 cedar boards, up to 14' long, and stained.

We all knew that the woodpeckers were not going to go away, and I'd have to do it all over again in a couple of years. Replacing ten whole boards or more every couple of years was (and is) unthinkable.

And it didn't hurt that I happen to have a large collection of hole saws!

Once I'd made more than enough stained plugs, it was just one trip up the ladder for each hole. Pretty easy.


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Replace them if they're accessible

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