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Adding 1/2 bath-dedicated 20amp circuit?

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I've been thinking about installing a half bath (I think that's what it is--toilet and sink) in the basement.

Problem is that I have no nice way to run a dedicated 20 amp circuit to the laundry room (where the bathroom will be). (by nice I mean, ripping open drywall, etc.) Also seems a waste of an entire breaker for one outlet, but that's just me.

However, I do have a dedicated 15 amp circuit for the receptacles and lights and a 20 amp circuit dedicated for the washing machine and gas dryer.

Don't suppose I can tap into the 20-amp circuit for the washing machine?

I think I saw reference that a bathroom has to have a dedicated 20-amp circuit (the lighting would already be on the 15-amp circuit. Just need to add a convenience outlet or whatever by the sink).

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This is one of those that you will find argued and aruged for page after page in some of the code inpsector and electrical forums.

Here is the wording in the 99 code

"Laudry Branch Circuit - In addtion to the nuamber of branches circuits required by other parts of this section, at least one additional 20 amp branch circuits shall be provided to supply the laundry receptacle outlet(s) required by section 210-52(f) This circuit shall have no other outlets."

Note that outlets includes any connections for electrical equipment including lights.

Now it says receptacle(S)now the first arguement is that is pural just to allow for the common duplex receptacle to be used. Other feel that it it allows for multiple receptacels, but only in the same room.

"Bathroom Bracnh Circuits - In addition to the number of branch circuits required by other parts of this section, at least one addtiional 20-amp branch circuit shall be provided to supply the bathroom receptacle outlet(s). Such circuit shall have no other outlets. Exception: Where the 20-amp circuit supplies a single bathroom, outlets for OTHER EQUIPMENT shall be permitted to be supplied in accordance with section 210-23(a)."

Now that exception would all you to do this.

But it also say this circuit is "in addtion to ..others required.."

Which would tend to say that you need 2 circuit.

Check with your local inspector.

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