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Air leaks into pantry and hallway in 1890's house with finished basement

Hi, My pantry is close to (post #214201, reply #1 of 2)


My pantry is close to the same temperature as the outdoors and I would appreciate any suggestions about what to do. The basement is finished so I'm trying to figure out what to do from the outside. 

There are multiple layers of old siding beneath the shingles, the inner layer of which is rotting in places. And there are various voids large enough to fit a finger.

Can I "cap" it with a horizontal piece of rigid foam sealed on the sides with spray foam? Or do I need to take off some shingles to seal it with a vertical piece of rigid foam or something else?

Thank you


P.S. I posted this as a reply because putting the text and images in the same post returned a spam error,

The rotting wood indicates (post #214201, reply #2 of 2)

The rotting wood indicates that moisture is getting in there.  Installing the foam as you propose would trap moisture and make the rot situation worse.

(Where is this house located -- what climate?)

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