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Attic Insulation:Building New Storage Area

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My goal is to add a storage area in my attic. My home was built in 2016 with blown insulation in the entire attic. 


My idea is to use 2x6 boards to make a platform area beside that attic access. I would use the 2x6s running perpendicular to the existing 2x4s for support. The 2x6s should allow clearance above the blown insulation so the insulation under the plywood floor is not compressed. 


Will this cause issues with the insulation or do I need to change how the area under the storage area will be insulated?



Thank you for your help. 

Check your load (post #216584, reply #1 of 2)

At 2x4, those ceiling joists probably aren't sized for any load other than the drywall and insulation. This tool can help you figure out the limits of your joists:



 I doubt your trusses are (post #216584, reply #2 of 2)

 I doubt your trusses are stamped for storage use.  Trusses are engineered for the load to be on the top chords, not the bottom.

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