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Crawlspace insulation/vapor barrier/sealing

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I read many posts on sealing a crawlspace.  I've read that big factor on what to depends on geographic location of the house.  My house is in southern New York State. I have humid summers and cold winters.  I'm fixing  a house for my mother, and I have a crawlspace with a dirt floor on grade, 2 ft. concrete block walls above grade, and two access doors to the outside.  I need to address insulation and dampness.  I was going to install a vapor barrier over the dirt, insulate the pipes with pipe insulation.  I had planned to use a product like such as thermax on the block walls and rim joist, and install unfaced batts in the above floor joist. the HVAC is located in the attic.  Lastly, I had planned to have two floor vents installed to allow air flow of conditioned air from the living space above.

Or, should I instead focus on insulation, sealing and vapor barrier in the floor assembly and leave the crawlspace vented, but then what do I do to keep the pipes from freezing.  Thanks in advance for anyone who has advice.

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Focus your efforts on keeping heat/cold/moisture out.  Seal the floor with 10mil plastic, tapes and sealed seams.  The walls and floor would be further insulated, the floor with 2" of foam, the walls with more to keep condensation at bay.  No insulation between the joists.  Seal up those doors on the sides and make an access panel from the inside.

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