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Gas Fireplace Problem

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My Heat-n-Glo fireplace wont ignite. I just replaced the thermopile, and it dident solve the problem. The Pilot light works fine. When I flip the button to turn it on noting happens. Any idea what would cause the main burner from igniting? 

The pilot or burner could be (post #216291, reply #1 of 3)

The pilot or burner could be clogged or the regulator isn't working. Are you sure you have gas and that it's on?

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Yes,the gas shut off valve is (post #216291, reply #2 of 3)

Yes,the gas shut off valve is on.  I'm thinking that the problem is with the electric valve that opens when you turn it on. I guessing that its stuck closed, due to lack of use. Is there anyway I could take this valve off and test it or excersise it? 

Gas stove (post #216291, reply #3 of 3)

My stove has a remote thermostat that I just replaced for the same problem.  Sounds as though yours has an on/off switch on the stove. Could you take the switch off and connect the 2 wires and see if it goes on.  If so, the switch is the problem, if not you've at least ruled that out.