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I have skylights in my home that are 27 years old. (Roto brand?)  The glass in some of the lights are foggy or getting foggy.  Some of the gasket material is torn/ripped.

I am considering installing new Velux products.  My original plan was to replace the panes but they are difficult to take apart and clean the adhesive/silicone off of the frames.  If something breaks, I can't get replacement parts.

I am wondering how much heat I am losing;   would it be worth the expense to replace them.  I live in New England.  Two of the lights are in a room that has radiant heat.


Thank you

Single pane glass has an R of (post #213880, reply #1 of 3)

Single pane glass has an R of about 1.  Double pane glass has a R of about 2, and triple pane about 3.  The glass being fogged will cut the R value slightly, but probably not enough to justify replacing the glass for energy savings.

With skylights another potential issue is heat loss through the walls -- there's probably a lot of variation there between brands/styles.

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Probably quite a bit. Most (post #213880, reply #2 of 3)

Probably quite a bit. Most heat loss in a home is through the roof so if you have holes there the hot air will really get sucked out.

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In my opinion it is pretty (post #213880, reply #3 of 3)

In my opinion it is pretty much energy. I would go for the Velux.