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Heat requirement calculator suggestion

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I'm looking for a heat load calculator so I can size baseboard heaters for a couple of rooms. My brother and I bought a house with an incomplete remodel. it's and add-on to an A-frame. So we want to convert the space between the roof and the addition into a mudroom.

I'm an engineer so I enjoy the calculators that ask for a lot of detail on door and window sizes, insulation values, etc. Any suggestions appreciated. Would like a free one, though.

Free one (post #207149, reply #1 of 7)

" Would like a free one, though."


You definitiely are an engineer!

No, a true engineer would (post #207149, reply #2 of 7)

No, a true engineer would want to know how to requisition one.  He's clearly an imposter.

Of all the preposterous assumptions of humanity over humanity, nothing exceeds most of the criticisms made on the habits of the poor by the well-housed, well-warmed, and well-fed.  --Herman Melville

I don't know about you, Mike.....but :) (post #207149, reply #3 of 7)

..... I've found that most folks [engineers, included] , if given the option, would jump at the opportunity to get something for nothing, as opposed to paying for it. The key point is to ask first, and see what it gets you...

search for wsu and wa energy (post #207149, reply #4 of 7)

search for wsu and wa energy code, they have a blank one there. 

Google up "manual J (post #207149, reply #5 of 7)

Google up "manual J calculator free". There are a bunch of them, usually Excel templates.


heat calc (post #207149, reply #6 of 7)

thanks a bunch

search slantfin in the apple (post #207149, reply #7 of 7)

search slantfin in the apple app store.