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How to save energy?

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How to save energy? (post #215478)

We have bought a plot to construct our new home in Mississauga but there are few queries which need to be cleared. The first doubt is regarding replacement window installation. I came across an article which specifies .  It would be great if someone could share some insights on this.
Second is regarding choosing electronic appliances. How to choose the right one which would consume less energy. Looking forward to your replies. 
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Why would you want to install (post #215478, reply #1 of 11)

Why would you want to install replacement windows in new construction?

And what do you mean by "electronic applliances"?

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I realize this is spam but if (post #215478, reply #2 of 11)

I realize this is spam but if you want to save energy then

dont get married to a woman and dont have kids....

both of these subgroups are incapable of understanding that switches turn OFF as well as ON.  Both of these subgroups msyteriously think that a thermostat is an accellerator....if they want it to be 72 it will get there faster if they turn it up to 80...and then they will complain that it is hot....oddly enough these same subgroups seem to be of the opinion that an accellerator is a light switch...its elther on or its off, no inbetween.

Here is a link to a good (post #215478, reply #3 of 11)

Here is a link to a good article about choosing efficient systems!:

Hope it helps.