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Insulating Floor above Crawlspace

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Want to insulate the floor above a crawlspace with fiberglass kraft faced batts. Area above crawlspace has oak flooring installed with nails showing through sheathing. If I use Kraft faced insulation and stuff it next to the floor sheathing and the nails puncture the vapor barrier, will this cause any issues, or is there a better way?

Insulating a cold floor (post #207466, reply #1 of 2)

Keeping in mind that heat always moves to cold and that the floor is attached to the foundations, walls and indirectly the roof, there is a constant movement of heat by conduction from the warm air in the room to the outside via the floorboards.

A better way is to lay closed cell insulation on the existing floor, closely butted polystyrene sheets or similar and to lay a new glued t&g OSB floating floor over. This will ensure there are no drafts or heat bridges and you will save money and have warm feet.

The nails will not be a (post #207466, reply #2 of 2)

The nails will not be a problem (other than poking you in the hand as you install the insulation). 

Unfortunately, fiberglass insulation installed "open" like that loses a lot of effectiveness, but it's cheap and relatively easy to do.

There are plenty of other schemes, though most involve foam, which is going to cost more.  A simple thing you can do is install the fiberglass, then cover it below with Tyvek.  This will at least double the effectiveness of the insulation.

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