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Insulating a small space in door jamb

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I have to insulate these gaps where a slider was installed.  The depth of he spaces is 5".  Would minimally expanding foam be the best thing to use? Not sure if there is a depth limit with the foam.  Are there other options?



Low-expansion foam is what (post #215576, reply #1 of 2)

Low-expansion foam is what I've used.  Others just stuff the space with fiberglass, or a foam rubber rope.

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foam (post #215576, reply #2 of 2)

I'd probably go with the foam. Do 1 layer with the nozzle about 1/2 into the gap, let it expand and add as needed.

You can cram  fiber glas insulation in there tight enough to pretty well seal the gap but then it has little r- value. Of course if you have to buy a can of foam just for this one spot the pay back may be 100 years from now compared to a good fiberglas cramming.