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Insulation behind brick fireplace half wall, very tight? What is best to do?

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I gutted my family room and know I need to insulate behind a brick half wall with a fireplace in the middle, the brick is about 5 ft high by 12 with 2x4 construction behind it. It is very tight, I don't think I could get rolled pink in there effectively, i would like to have a vapor barrier with the insulation. I was thinking rolled plastic the best I could behind the brick and fill with afire retardant cellulos Any suggestion?. 



Climate?  What's on the other (post #207253, reply #1 of 2)

Climate?  What's on the other side of the studwall?

I'd consider a pourable insulation like vermiculite or perlite.  Probably forget about the vapor barrier.

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Foam (post #207253, reply #2 of 2)

Stud bays open above the brick?

Have someone fill the cavities with sray foam.  You get more R value per inch and a vp in one shot.  Call someone that does old house retro fits withe foam.  It might be a little mor $$, but for a 12x5' area it won't break the bank.