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Insulation Options for Pre-Fab Metal Building

adamflyer's picture

I am planning on putting up 34x54 metal building shop with 16' eaves. I am thinking of going with versatube or a conventional red iron type construction from a local metal building company.

I know the standard way of insulating them is fiberglass insulation with a plastic backing between the frame and the metal panel siding. I don't like this idea for two reasons.

1. The inslation has a lot of pinch points which reduces its R value.

2. I'll be building the shop and I hear it is a real pain to install this way.

Of course I could use spray foam but it costs so much more its rediculous and I will be doing things like welding in the shop and I really don't like the idea if it being flamable.

I am thinking of framing out the first 8ft of the walls with 2x4s construction 24" o.c. with 5/8" drywall. I could then easily isulate this wall area with conventiaonl fiberglass batts. Or would blown in cellulose be better? But then what of the upper 8ft of wall area and the roof? Is there a good way to attache some sort of insulation with netting or something like that. Does anyone know of any other options?