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Kitchen niche on exterior wall

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I am wondering if anyone puts niches behind their kitchen range when it's against an exterior wall. The wall is 1967 standard, so 2x4 construction with no insulation (yet). Is this an invitation for condensation inside the wall from the indoor air? We do plan to insulate the walls when remodeling the kitchen, so the niche would be a weak (thin) point in that barrier. I'm happy to use a pre-fab niche as a starting point, or else hang half the niche in the wall and have half of it extending into my room, so that we can get an inch of something between it and the exterior sheathing.


You've got to tell us where (post #215446, reply #1 of 2)

You've got to tell us where you're located -- what's the climate?

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Fair enough - Colorado. By (post #215446, reply #2 of 2)

Fair enough - Colorado.

By the fact that it matters to your answer, I can probably pre-suppose a few things.