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mpi monitor heater

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My boyfriend bought a 441 monitor heater for $500.00 a few years ago and is now trying to hook it up and use it. Does anyone have any opinion about these units? he has not been able to get it started up...I am wondering if these units are any good. Any recommendations for another brand of Kerosene heater in the event we can't get this going. We need to act quickly as the pipes are going to start freezing. Thanks~Hazel8

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I don't know anything about Monitor heaters or about Al's.

But you might want to look at this and see if makes any sense.

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Hey thanks Bill.
My BF read Al's site last night and was a bit discouraged- we have since decided to take it to a technician to see if he can figure out the problem-hopefully we can use it....Thanks again for the info. Hazel8

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Lots of Monitors in use around here (rural Alaska).

From my experience they are pretty bomb-proof, but initially susceptible to air in the fuel line.

There is a bleed valve right side near the bottom. My suggestion: get all the air out of the line at the valve just inside the building, then use the above mentioned bleed valve to get the remaining air out of the fuel line.

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Thanks AK Jim
We tried the bleeding thing- no luck. The beast is now being worked on by the professionals...Thanks for the input. Where in Alaska are you???Hazel8

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We have a Monitor and a Rennai, both propane, in our house and two oil Monitors at our vacation/rental house.  They are great for heating single rooms, even large rooms, but not good for heating multiple rooms.

Al is...where do I start.   I've been around construction guys all my life, and, no exaggeration, have NEVER been as offended as I was by Al.  Dirty, angry, sexist, crazy person.  Don't deal with him, I don't care if he's a genius at Monitors. 

Your local fuel company should have someone or be able to refer you to someone.


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Thanks for the input Woodguy(mike) patient is still in surgery- hopefully the prognosis will be good. Hazel8