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Old window pulley removal and insulating pocket

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I have a 100 yr old home with weighted windows and will be replacing the weights with Pulleys (see which type below).  What is the best way to seal the pocket?  Stuff Fiberglass insulation or some type of foam?  I'm concerned with foam having air gaps.  Any help will be much appreciated.

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In many I have worked on, you cannot get completely into the pocket even if removing the casing.  Working through the removable weight cover will allow you little room to be perfect in almost any insulation attempt.

If you were to gain access to the space by removing the side casing, you might be able to place rigid foam cut to size and spray foamed in.

Stuffing, if done tight will close up the fibreglas and make all the airways less likely to allow air movement.

Spray foam would seal the best, but access if important.

Never tried it, but drilled and blown cellulose might be the easiest and most complete.

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Stuffing with fiberglass is (post #206685, reply #2 of 3)

Stuffing with fiberglass is cheaper and less messy than foam, and any difference in insulation value would be inconsequential, and with foam there's a danger of distorting the frame.  So I'd progably go with fiberglass.

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Foam is the only insulation (post #206685, reply #3 of 3)

Foam is the only insulation that will give you the air sealing you need around those leaky old windows. Buy yourself seom vinyl tubing just large enough to fit over the straw on the spray foam can. Cut a piece long enough to get to the bottom of the cavity, stick the straw in the other end and let'er rip. In an emergency you can pull the wires out a piece of Romex and use that. Make sure to use the low expansion foam and you'll get exactly what you want.

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