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Radio controlled furnace register

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In about 3 weeks we move out of our 40-year-old house into a 20-year-old duplex.  Both are two-story.  One of the things tthat's spoiled us with the "old" house is the zoned HVAC -- one furnace/AC with motorized dampers keeps both floors comfortable year-round.

The new place has common ductwork for upstairs and down, so there's no way to install dampers at the furnace (and have them do anything useful).  What we have are your standard floor registers upstairs and ceiling registers downstairs.  Going around and flipping them on and off as needed will not kill us, but is a bit of tedium we could do without.

Is there any sort of battery-operated, remote control register on the market?  Something where the unit could be operated by radio control from a centralized controller gizmo, and where the battery would be expected to last a year or more in normal use?

Or does anyone have any other ideas about how to deal with this?

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