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Reviews of Oil Furnace for Steam System?

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Reviews of Oil Furnace for Steam System? (post #208976)

My 20 year old Weil-McLain oil furnace developed a leak in the top of the water tank and can't be repaired.  So I need a new steam oil furnace.  I went on line to find expert reviews of steam oil furnaces and am having the hardest time finding such reviews.  Anyone know a source for expert reviews of steam based oil furnaces or are there any experts out there who could tell me what the best models are and what to stay away from?

First off, I'm pretty sure it (post #208976, reply #1 of 2)

First off, I'm pretty sure it would be called a "boiler" -- gives you about 10x Google hits vs "furnace".

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Try looking at

This is the place to find professionals and plumbers that are somewhat passionate and in many cases very competent, about steam heating systems and equipment.

"Residential oil-fired steam boiler" is the equipment about which you want advice.