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Ridge Vent System

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Ridge Vent System (post #206647)

I'm having to reroof my entire house do to a poorly ventilated roof with osb sheathing and rolled core vent on ridge.  It has two hole bird block intake vents at eaves.  I have resheathed with 5/8" plywood and ice & water gaurd and plan to install Certainteed Landmark shingles. My question is which ridge vent to use for best performance:

Air Vent Shingle Vent II vs. Lomanco Omni Vent vs. Ridgemaster?  Which shingle over ridge vent system exhausts best when balanced with intake correclly? Are the performance claims for the exterior baffle true?

We've got Shingle Vent II and (post #206647, reply #1 of 5)

We've got Shingle Vent II and have no complaints.  It's been around a long time.

I'm thinking there's probably not a lot of difference between them.

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Thanks! Dan

Ridgemaster has no exterior baffle. The difference between the shingle vent II and Lomanko's omni vent is that omni vent has exterior baffles perpendicular to each other so as to eliminate wind blowing in from any direction, supposedly.  Also, overlaping 4 ft. sections without an interior filter which is said to be prone to clogging. Instead of filter their are interior curved baffles.  Lomanko's web site has a video using a smoke house to showcase the effect among a few different ridge vents. Impressive but I'm not totally sold though and wondering if the smoke house fan is at same level throughout the video tests. Just trying to be a savvey consumer and get it right the first time.

PS. I agree wholeheartedly with Edison's statement.

Ridge vents are designed to (post #206647, reply #2 of 5)

Ridge vents are designed to work in conjunction with soffit vents. The free air flow area of the ridge vent should be equal to the intake area. Bird blocks with vent holes are usually inadequate. If the intake isn't balanced with the exhaust, the ridge vent won't work to it's capacity. Doesn't matter what brand. They all claim to work properly if the intake area is enough. Personally, I like the Cor-A-Vent products rather than the roll outs.

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Ridge Vent System (post #206647, reply #3 of 5)

Thanks hammer1,

I 've read that 60% intake and 40% exhaust is better than equally balanced. The three ridge vent brands that I mentioned are all 4 ft. sections and not the roll out type that was previously on the house. Air Vent's shingle vent II and Lomanko's omni vent have exterior baffles and Ridgemaster does not. There are videos showing that an exterior baffle helps to create a suction to lift exhaust air out and keep wind driven rain from getting in.

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